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So, I decided to teach.  In fact, I was inspired to teach because the entry score into my originally chosen course of ophthalmology was outlandishly too high for my liking, and apparently my score was too low for the university’s liking.  We never did see eye-to-eye on that.

So, I decided to teach.  The option was a journalism degree combined with a teaching diploma.  Late nights, early starts and 24 hours on call didn’t appeal so ironically, I chose to focus on teaching instead.  Young and naive, I didn’t think that the late nights, early starts and 24 hours on call would matter in teaching.  About that….

So, I decided to teach.  Shortly after that decision I married a teacher.  Which was just as well, because we would often talk late into the night about the kids we taught, parents we advised and curriculum that seemed to never end.  Then we would get up early…

So, I decided to teach.  Suddenly, it became my life.  A large part of it anyway.  Balancing the act between marriage, three children and the demands of the teaching profession is an act I probably will never fully master, but I will endeavor to make the most of This Teaching Life.

Incidentally, 2014 sees me teaching Year 3 in an independent school in Melbourne, Australia.


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  1. rkorte78 says:


    WOW! What is it like to live in Melborne? It is a dream of mine to visit there. You too have a nice blog. I like your realistic pictures. I am not much of a picture taker so that is why my current blog is missing them. I am a day care teacher and love my job!


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