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Class Hack: How Cable Ties Became Table Ties

Sorry, it’s been a long time since posting. Just a quick practical tip today.

One of the joys of teaching is the pleasure that comes with wandering tables. If you’re a teacher then you know what I’m talking about. You painstakingly plan and organise the table layout in your room, taking into account the functionality and practicality of the room and the amount of students you have.

You work hard to place those tables in exactly the same way lining them up with mathematical precision that even a NASA engineer would be proud of, only to have 20 or more students enter the room and sit down. Suddenly the tables take on a life of their own, moving and sliding across the floor. Your hard work and hours of precision planning have come undone in a matter of moments and you are pinned to your board at the front of the room by wayward tables.

Solution? Cable ties.


Yes. Cable ties.

This morning after experiencing something quite akin to the above description I took matters into my own hands and tied together my tables with cable ties. The tables fear to move and I no longer fear students entering into the room.

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