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Why I’ve Re-Entered The Online Ed Community

medium_4937657767Nearly two years ago, I pulled the plug on my technology life.

2500+ Twitter followers, my website, Facebook pages, Google.  All of it.

All that remained was a love/hate relationship with my personal Facebook profile.  And I was happy.  Like a spoilt child who picks up his bat and ball and walks away from the game, I was happy.  And truly I was.  Having to maintain so many profiles and create content was a pressure that I needed a break from.  In reality, it was an imagined pressure, but for me it meant relief.

So why I am I back?  Why have I once again challenged myself to pick up the digital pen and delve back into the foray of the Online Educational World?  Because in the 2 years or so, absence makes things clearer.  My self-imposed absence from blogging and writing has cleared many things;

  1. My vision was too small.  Or perhaps saying it was too narrow, would be a better description. My original site – The Teacher’s Hub – tried to corner the educational technology market.  I would try to blog about the wonderful apps and websites that could be used to create learning within the classroom. Though, this limited me in what to write. It felt that it didn’t reflect my classroom activities truthfully. My teaching was more diversified than iPads and IWBs
  2. It has allowed me to concentrate on my teaching. Maintaining the original website I would often find myself trying to manufacture a blog post and, in a way, make something happen in my classroom rather than allow the students and the day to day manufacture something for me. I have learnt that authentic learning comes from being authentic experiences. Authentic blogging comes from an authentic teacher
  3. There is more to teaching than technology. I know, shoot me. I started blogging around about the time the original iPads arrived on the scene. I had an interactive whiteboard and a Mac. I thought I was set, and I could be a fantastic teacher. What eventually became obvious was that technology did not make me a better teacher. Nor did it make my students better learners. What I re-learnt was that connections and relationship are the keys to the classroom. We have a quote at work that simply says, “Authentic learning does not occur without authentic relationships.” By not having a blog this has sounded like a clarion bell with me.

So, I hope that with a wiser head on my shoulders I have decided to start again. Will I blog technology? Yes. Will I blog more than technology? Yes. To teach well is a life consuming passion. It is more than school hours. It is some etching you think about when you go to the shops. It is something that occupies your thoughts on the drive to work. It is the conversation topic at BBQs. It is a craft that a good teacher will continue to refine. There is no end to it.

Here’s my invitation to you. Join me. You can follow me here. You can look for me on Facebook and connect with me on Twitter.

See you round, and here’s to the teaching life!

From my classroom to yours.


photo credit: semihundido via photopin cc

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